Cleaning products like hand sanitizer, Lysol sprays, and disinfecting wipes are in high demand due to the threat of coronavirus. Disinfecting wipes can be effective cleaning tools, but there are common mistakes people make in using them.

Amsterdam Cares for Rehabilitation and Nursing wants to inform you on five of these mistakes, so you can get the most out of your wipes (should you be able to find them in stores!). 


  • Using the Same Wipe for Multiple Surfaces


Don’t use the same wipe to clean the toilet handle then clean the light switch in the bathroom, since that spreads germs and dirt from one space to the other. It may be tempting to use the same wipe as often as possible to conserve them, so if you need to conserve, you can cut the wipes into smaller pieces.


  • Not Reading the Label


The label will contain important information on both what the wipes are meant to disinfect and how long the surface you’re cleaning must remain wet in order for it to be fully disinfected.


  • Flushing


Wipes should be disposed of in the trash, and that goes for ones that claim to be flushable too. Plumbers say that wipes don’t break down as easily as toilet paper and can clog pipes.


  • Using on Phone Screen


If you only have antibacterial wipes, they are okay to use on the back and sides of your cell phone, but not on the screen itself, as the bleach can damage the coating on the screen used to prevent fingerprint marks. You can use non-antibacterial wipes on the screen or just spray with Lysol.


  • Leaving the Container Open


When you’re done using them, be sure the top of the container is fully closed. Otherwise, air will get in and dry out the wipes. 

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