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Welcome to Bishop Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

We’re a community of friends, neighbors,
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Results-Driven Rehab

With a mission to get you stronger, we focus on individualizing the perfect rehab plan for you. Our expert therapists utilize cutting-edge rehab technology to get you back home and back to the life you love.




Bishop Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

Bishop Rehabilitation & Nursing Center delivers gifts of family, friendship and community all wrapped into one. Don’t make the rehab journey alone. Join our vibrant Center to discover fun activities, fast friends, kindred spirits, and round-the-clock care.




The best team, on your team

Our skilled administrator, nurses and therapists are all focused on you!


Nurse-to-Resident Ratio

We maintain a large, tight-knit care staff to ensure every resident has more than one hands-on caregiver.


Onsite Medical Staff

From the usual to the unexpected, our clinical specialists are ready to care for all resident conditions.


Communication Across All Parties

The latest EMR and charting technologies live at Bishop Rehabilitation & Nursing Center. All parties involved in care stay in close contact at all times.

The best Rehab in Syracuse.

Bishop Rehabilitation & Nursing Center offers the best rehab in Syracuse, providing short-term care and long-term care alongside comfortable accommodations and refined amenities. If you or your loved one is looking for rehabilitation care that feels like family, you’ve found it.

Our mission

Dedication from the entire Bishop Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

"I visited during dinner time on a Wednesday night. The front desk staff was friendly. The facility appeared quite clean. I was there for 90 minutes, and two different sides stopped by to check on my father. I would like to recognize Max, a CNA, who appears to value building rapport with the residents and treating them like family. He appeared kind and caring."

Jerry R. Emmons, Bishop Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

"My mom has been in rehab at the Bishops for nine months now. The staff here is caring and professional. Her attitude has greatly improved. Social work has helped her replace items that were lost in transit. Maintenance is spread thinly, so repairs and such are done based on priority, but that's to be expected. The facility is well maintained and very responsive to resident needs!"

Dave Toscano, Bishop Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

"My son is finally receiving the physical therapy he needs at this facility. He was in Fulton Rehabilitation in Gloversville, and it is a dump. This facility is wonderful. They are attentive and caring. If he needs something, the nurses or aids respond quickly. I totally recommend this facility to loved ones."

Maryanne Ferro, Bishop Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

"CNA Marvin Williams deserves a medal. I’d never met him until tonight, and he was very friendly. He spoke with me about some issues I was having at the site getting in contact with a social worker. He really was super nice and took the time to go over some questions I had. He even took the time to walk down to the first floor, to the door, and shake my hand. Nurses as a whole, not just at this site, are under a ton of stress with COVID, being short-staffed, etc. Marvin came across to me as the best interaction I’ve had with a healthcare worker in years. You still need to speak with a social worker, but Marvin earned you the rating."

Michael Murphy, Bishop Rehabilitation & Nursing Center


You are our inspiration!

Our residents share their individual journeys on the road to recovery.

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