Resident Creates Stunning Afghan to Raise Money for Ukraine Relief Efforts Through St. John the Baptist Church in Syracuse Tipperary Hill

Ms. Jill Vuckovic, a resident at Bishop Rehabilitation and Nursing in Syracuse, recently made a gorgeous afghan to be donated to St. John the Baptist Church of Syracuse’s Tipperary Hill region and used in a raffle to raise money for Ukraine. This beautiful donation symbolizes the continuing hope for a people and their families so torn apart by war. The following is a message from Jill:

“This afghan is the result of watching the nighttime news, feeling helpless to in some way support Ukraine in its valiant efforts while suffering massive losses in the ongoing war. I designed it and spent three weeks completing it, with the kind and generous monetary donations for yarn from Bishop’s administration.

There is a good deal of symbolism contained in this offering; the ubiquitous Ukrainian sunflowers, the shades of the flag, and the golden scalloped edging bordering the blanket represent the waves of grain Ukraine supplies the world. Additionally, the bands of blue at the opposite ends of the afghan are crocheted in a V stitch representing V for Victory.

This has been a labor of love and my way of contributing to the courageous efforts of the Ukrainian people as they fight in the defense of their beloved homeland.”

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