Virtual reality. Artificial intelligence. Smart phones, smart TVs, cars that parallel park on their own. Breakthrough technologies are touching—and changing—every aspect of our lives. Rehabilitation from injury, illness and surgery is no different.

An extraordinary range of innovations, inventions and inspirations is putting rehabilitation on speed dial—identifying needs faster, improving recovery time, and getting people home faster. Consider just three examples:

Anti-Gravity Treadmill
Based on technology developed by NASA for astronauts, the Anti-Gravity Treadmill empowers patients to move in new ways and without pain—to recover mobility, improve wellness, and enhance physical performance. The result: better outcomes.
The Jintronix biofeedback system can be used safely on the first day of rehab. And faster starts lead to faster recoveries and discharges. It uses computer gaming technology and multiple motion sensors to make therapy more fun and more effective.

Barihab Table
An innovative approach to physical therapy, the Barihab table provides enhanced versatility and greater security to both the patient and the therapist, increasing confidence and productivity.

With the rapid pace of development in rehab technology comes a need for more highly trained physical and occupational therapists—healthcare professionals who stay ahead of the curve and on top of the latest wrinkles in rehab. In Western New York, both Amsterdam Cares and Ellicott Center are leaders in this cutting-edge, high-tech rehab, featuring all of the above devices along with specialized teams skilled in their use.

We all know about smart phones and smart TVs. It’s time to get to know about smart rehab.

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